What is OPEX?

What is OPEX

OPEX helps you define and live an inspired life through personalized fitness coaching.

At OPEX Plaza Midwood, you'll have the eyes of your own professional coach who will work with you one-on-one throughout your experience. You'll also have the help of outstanding floor coaches making sure you're training safely and effectively while enjoying every workout. To top it off, you'll enjoy the fun and support of a great community of like-minded people around you.

We start with our free consultation, where you decide if our program fits your needs. Once you're in, we match you with the right coach for your life goals. Then you'll experience our unique three-part client assessment that gives your coach the scientific information they need to design your personal fitness program and the nutrition guidance to optiimze your results.



Helps you every day

Helps you win every day. 

Gone are the days where you'll feel pressure to "go hard" every day in the gym. at opex plaza midwood, you work out according to your personalized program which is intentionally designed to get you to your goals. most of our clients simply want to have more balance, strength and mobility in their day to day lives and to feel their best. This unique approach is a crucial separator from other programs designed to push you to your max daily.

Meets You Where You Are

Meets you exactly where you are.

Because you work directly with a coach who consults, assesses and writes a fitness program based directly on the results that she/he sees from you, you will not be intimidated by movements or workouts that you know you shouldn’t do. This leads to a sustainable, safe and more effective progression of your fitness, health and wellness.

Builds relationships

Builds real relationships.

We pride ourselves on the client/ coach relationship. Our coaches are the real deal - they're interested in you personally and are constantly evolving your workouts and nutrition plans to fit your ever changing goals and aspirations. Our clients trust our coaches as guides who lead them to a larger life. The monthly client/coach consultation is they key element of our program that makes our clients successful.


Allows you to train from anywhere.

While we love having you train in an OPEX Gym, we know (and value) the fact that you have work and personal trips that take you out of town. Fitness on the road is easy with OPEX because you can take your program with you. Just let your coach know when you'll be working out remotely and they will build your programming around the equipment you have available - easy peasy.


Supports you for decades.

Let's face it - priorities change. Bodies change. Goals change. Lives change. With the support of your coach, you always have somebody in your corner as your life changes over time. Your coach is constantly reassessing your program to ensure it meets your needs as they ebb and flow. OPEX Plaza Midwood is the last gym you'll ever join.


Is comprehensive.

The cost of our monthly programming is just that - there are no add-ons or additional classes to pay for. There is one service, and it’s personalized fitness through your professional coach. With that comes  monthly consultations,  assessments, body composition analysis, workout program design, nutrition guidance, on-the-floor coaching, and an outstanding community of people who might just become your best friends.