This is what comes with it

I was recently inspired by a podcast from one of my favorite authors and speakers. He was referencing a story and relating to following your calling. I’ve listened to the 10 minutes of the podcast at least 10 times in the week. He says that a mantra that he likes to use when something that he’s passionate about or dedicated to gets difficult is simply;

“This is what comes with it.”

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The Right Thing To Do

“You already know what the right thing to do is…you just gotta do it.” - Jocko Willink

I will readily admit that I have a hard time with this idea because day-to-day life doesn’t seem that black and white. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE excuses. “I can’t train today because I’m too busy with work and kids.” That excuse moves into nutrition. “Of course I can have that infinite list of sugar-bombed foods because I’ve already failed the day. I’ll do better tomorrow.”

The truth in all of this is that I really do know what the right thing is. The other truth is so do you.

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