Meet Our Team


Mason Murchison, Owner & Coach

Mason is a husband, father, and that order. Over the past decade he has transitioned a passion and love for athletic performance to a passion for personal health and wellness.  His belief is that a pursuit of strength, stamina and general fitness are key pieces to living a larger life pursuing the things that you find the purpose in.  You can find Mason listening to podcasts, audiobooks and lectures on YouTube at any local Whole Foods or coffee shop.


Ben Winch, Coach

Ben’s passion for sports started at a very young age. He started playing soccer at four years old and played for 18 years. When he encountered some health issues he started digging deeper into functional fitness and holistic health. He then found the sport of fitness but realized that everyone needs an individualized approach. His coach introduced him to OPEX which started his own personal coaching journey. He enjoys trying to test his limits mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually with the goal of performing at the highest level while staying composed and down to earth. He married his beautiful college best friend Debbie who you will also see on the floor daily as well. When Ben is not training or coaching he enjoys spending time with his wife, learning, enjoying good food and watching Marvel movies. 


Michelle Murchison, Owner & Marketeer

Michelle is a balancing act - a proud mom and wife and a full-time corporate learning professional with a passion for educating people on the benefits of health and wellness, specifically nutrition. This passion comes from her lifelong battle with Rheumatoid Arthritis. In her adult years, Michelle was exposed to a chiropractor who opened her eyes to nutrition, vitamins, minerals and lifestyle changes as means of medicine and she has significantly improved her own condition outside of traditional Western medicine. She believes everyone has the right to understand how they are effected by what they do and eat daily, especially those living in chronic pain. That's why this "side hustle" is an important one.